V074: The Glenn Gould Collection: X. Rhapsodic Interludes

Sony Classical, VHS (NTSC), color (1992), 54:00.

Executive Producer: Fritz Buttenstdt
Concept and Supervision: Kevin Wood
Written and directed by Bruno Monsaingeon

Time Description
0:00 Credits. Gould playing his own piano reduction of Schubert's Symphony No. 5 (I. Allegro): footage from 1958-1959
1:15 Commentary by Bruno Monsaingeon, various photos of Gould
2:10 Footage of Gould speaking with Humphrey Burton about Richard Strauss's Elektra (1966)
4:00 Gould plays his transcription of an excerpt from Elektra
9:45 Gould accompanies soprano Lois Marshall in a performance of Strauss's "Beim Schlafengehen" from Vier letzte Lieder, recorded in 1962
14:15 Gould and others accompany vocalist Patricia Rideout in a 1974 performance of Schoenberg's "Mondestrunken," "Colombine," and "Valse de Chopin" from Pierrot lunaire, op. 21
20:20 Gould discusses Ravel's La Valse (1974)
21:15 Gould performs his own transcription of La Valse (I. movement)
32:50 Gould performs his reduction of Debussy's Première Rhapsodie pour Orchestre avec Clarinette principale with clarinetist James Campbell (1973)
41:55 Gould performs Richard Strauss's Sonata for Violin and Piano, op. 18 (I. Allegro ma non troppo), with violinist Oscar Shumsky (1962)
52:10 Credits roll while Gould plays the Aria from Bach's Goldberg Variations